Welcome to Pisgah Farm

Pisgah Farm LLC is located near the Village of Spofford in the Monadnock region of southwestern New Hampshire. Our small family farm is named Pisgah because of its proximity to Pisgah State Park. We have lived here for thirty-six years and since 2013 we’ve developed our homestead into a commercial farm, reminiscent of the small hilltop farms in Italy and southern France. We grow specialty vegetables, cut flowers, perennials and herbs for sale to individuals, restaurants and local markets.

The land in this area was home to many sheep farms in the 19th century. Our farm today sits on the footprint of what was once a large working farm well into the early 20th century. As the fortunes of sheep farming waned across New England, people left their farms including those in Pisgah. Today the state forest is a honeycomb of trails, cellar holes and stonewalls, a reminder of days gone by. Pisgah is a great place to hike, snowshoe and cross-country ski but as anyone familiar with the area will attest, this is not choice agricultural land! We have been working and coaxing this rocky soil for many years bringing in vast amounts of organic loam, compost and manure, while using every skill and planting possible to soften and strengthen the soil.

Speciality Vegetables


Farm-to-Table Catering