Specialty Vegetables

As a small farm we are selective about the vegetables we plant. We use “intensive gardening” techniques that maximize space utilization and water resources. We grow in open-field, high and low tunnel hoop houses and raised beds. We have used organic practices in growing for thirty years. We NEVER use ANY synthetic or chemical fertilizers or pesticides on our vegetables! All of our vegetable set plants are grown on the farm. Most of our vegetable seed stock comes from two New England companies High Mowing Organic Seeds and Johnny's Selected Seeds. We do buy some selected heirloom varieties from Italy.

San Marzano Tomatoes

Squash Flowers for Stuffing

Variety Beets

We sell and deliver wholesale direct to markets and restaurants in the Monadnock region. Our vegetables are available for retail sale at the farm and we deliver to the Keene area several times a week. Orders can be placed by email or telephone. If you would like to be on our Weekly Produce email fill in your contact information on the website or call us at 603-363-8006. We also sell some items through Monadnock Menus.

Flowering Fava Beans

Neapolitan Basil

Lydie’s Sun Golds

Delicata Squash